Should You Put Your Children In The Same Daycare Classroom?

If you are the parent of two or more children that are around the same age, you might be wondering whether you should put your children in the same daycare classroom. For many people, the automatic answer is often yes, but for every family, this type of scenario is not always the best option. Learn more about some of the factors to think about, so that you can make an informed decision.


Independence is important no matter the age of a child. With siblings, one of two things will often occur: the children will play together, but also be open to playing with other children or one child will only play with their sibling if they are around. 

In the latter scenario, you might be able to offer your child a better experience if you put him or her in a separate classroom from their brother or sister. Independence is not just important in helping to cultivate a child's personality, but it is also an important developmental tool, so be sure to assess your children's needs.


As a parent, you know firsthand just how well your children get along. Some siblings play extremely well with each other, and then there are those children who have less tolerance for their sibling than other children, and as a result, they may have more disagreements, particularly when mom or dad is not around. 

Since this type of behavior can occur even in toddlers, if your children tend to clash, it might be a case to separate them. Separated, their days will be full of less stress, and they will have more time to focus on having a good day at school.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Think about each child's strengths and weaknesses. Just because the children are siblings, it does not mean that they will be identical in these areas. The reason this factor is important is that some daycare centers combine classrooms, especially when the children reach preschool age. For example, there might be a classroom for 3-year-olds, and a classroom for 3 and 4-year-olds. Generally, the combined 3 and 4-year-old classroom will move at a more accelerated pace than the 3-year-old class. 

In this case, if the parent has a 3 and 4-year-old, but the 3-year-old is not advanced for their age, it will likely make more sense to separate the children to ensure each child receives the attention they need.

If you have additional questions about where you should send your child for their education, be sure to speak with a school administrator for further information.