Get Your Preschool Classroom Ready For Fall With These 4 Easy Suggestions

It seems like fall happens so quickly; one day it is nice and warm outside, and suddenly it is chilly and crispy outside. You can bring this feeling into your preschool or child care center Here are four easy suggestions to usher in fall in your classroom that will not take you much time to implement and will help your preschool classroom embrace and reflect the change from warm summer days to crispy fall days and changing leaves.

#1 Switch Up The Books In Your Library

The books in your preschool library should reflect that time of year and the topics that you are focusing on studying with your preschool class. The first thing that you need to do is put away all the books that focus on the season of summer as well as summer fun. Then, go to your local library or peruse your own collection and add books to your library that reflect the topics you will be studying this fall. Great topics to study during the fall time include going back to school, the change in the color of the leaves, harvesting, enjoying apples and pumpkins, and playing in the rain. Try to fill your library with the topics that you'll be studying and that your students are going to naturally encounter in their daily lives. This will help set the tone for your learning environment.

#2 Put Up New Labels & Name Tags

It is important that you change the physical environment of your classroom to reflect the change in fall as well. This will help your students more deeply grasp the concept that the time of year is changing; this can be especially helpful if your school runs a year-round preschool program.

Replace all of the name tags on your students' cubbies and throughout your room with fall themed name tags. Great fall-themed name tags can use basic fall shapes, like apples, leaves, or pumpkins, and use fall colors, such as red, orange, and brown.

Most preschool classrooms have lots of labels up everywhere to help students know where to put things and to help them learn to read. Try to change up the labels in your classroom as well to give it a complete make-over.

#3 Make Seasonal Decorations With Your Students

Finally, do not leave your students out of the process of transforming your preschool classroom from a fall theme to a summer one. Use learning opportunities to create seasonal decorations for your classroom. For example, you can have each student make a different letter of the alphabet using fall colors and objects in order to create a fall-themed alphabet; you can do the same thing with numbers to create a fall-themed number line as well.

Fill the walls with the things that your students are working on, such as stories about going hunting for pumpkins, pumpkin seed counting activities and apple sliced created paintings. Use your students' work to change the feel of your room; this will save you from doing it all on your own, will get your students more invested in their environment, and is a great way to showcase your students' work and build their confidence.